Eciggy UK

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Eciggy was born out of personal experience. And continues to thrive on a natural passion for spreading the word about healthier alternatives to smoking.

Eciggy’s story begins with textbook smoking: a nicotine and hand-to-mouth addiction. Smoking traditional cigarettes fed both of these addictions, but we found that the real problem was with the harmful chemicals we were ingesting while smoking cigarettes. 

After being introduced to e-cigarettes nine years ago, we knew that this smoking alternative had the power to suppress our appetite for traditional cigarettes. And we were right — they’ve been so effective in satisfying the nicotine hunger that we haven’t smoked since.

Impressed by their efficacy as a tool for quitting smoking, we began to look at the science and detailed research behind e-cigarettes and vaping and that was the start of Eciggy. As Eciggy began, we looked to the science surrounding cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, and nicotine to help us hone our expertise and support our customers. Being science-led has been essential to Eciggy from the beginning. So much so that we’ve included it as a brand value. This means that we look to the research to allow us to help our customers from a place of knowledge and expertise. From its inception to the current day, we are directed by the facts on smoking.

Being a science-led e-cigarette shop sets us apart from the others. But with that differentiation comes the challenge: communicating our knowledge with customers. We look to empower our customers with information on smoking, the health benefits of quitting, and how e-cigarettes and vapes can help. Being an e-cigarette shop that prioritises knowledge and science puts us in a unique position. But we see this as a new opportunity to grow the awareness of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.

At the core of our operations is personal involvement. We’re led, not only by science, but also by lived experiences. Today, almost every staff member has quit smoking after being introduced to e-cigarettes. Eciggy is built on the realisation that quitting smoking is possible. This understanding equips us to carry out our mission: to help others experience the benefits of quitting smoking.

Science Led

Eciggy is driven by science. Guided by the extensive
research around smoking, the health benefits of
quitting, and the efficacy of vaping as a smoking
alternative, Eciggy is able to operate from a place of
knowledge and expertise. We believe that this
knowledge comes with a responsibility to customers.
In other words: it’s our duty to communicate the
information on smoking and vaping clearly with our customers.


Our brand value of being science-led allows us to
communicate knowledge with our customers.
Without this, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our
second brand value: empower.
To us, empowerment is about arming the customer
with the knowledge and confidence to understand
the world of vaping and its benefits. By offering
honest guidance, we support the customer, helping
them to understand vaping and all it has to offer,
rather than feeling intimidated.


We’re real people who are here to help you. As a
trusted independent e-cigarette supplier, we
prioritise truth and sincerity and have built our
brand from the ground up by being open and honest
with our customers. Trust is one of the most
foundational building blocks of Eciggy which has
been strengthened over time by being transparent
and genuine. Maintaining our trust and
approachability is a top priority for us.


At Eciggy’s core is personal experience.
Understanding first hand both the power of vaping
as a method of quitting smoking, along with the
immediate health benefits of quitting, our operations
come from a place of understanding and passion to
assist others. We’re dedicated to supporting
customers and committed to offering an
unintimidating, positive experience.