Starter Kits and Starting

Starter kits in general are a collection of the parts and items you need to begin using an eciggy, e cig, electronic cigarette or personal vape device essentially they are the same thing.
In the years that Eciggy uk Ltd has served our customers, a few things have become apparent.

Where we can help
1. One size dose not fit all
2. Everyone’s friend who vapes has both a favourite flavour and machine
3. Swapping from cigarettes to vape can be daunting for lots of people
4 You need to want to do it,

The impossible dream.
1 It must taste exactly like…. that I have smoked for the last 40 years
2 I want the a tiny battery to last all day and night.
3 I don’t want to change coils, or fill it.

One size dose not fit all this is very true, while helping customers decide what is best for them, We can take into account Budget, size, ease of use and of course personal taste (rainbow colour or black). Of course most people have a friend or relative who already vapes, and has told them which machine and flavour to get, unfortunately sometimes a Sub-ohm machine that produces a cloud the size of wales isn’t going to make it easy to swap from cigarettes. It’s a daunting task to use something new and untested this is where the starter kit comes into its own, ease of use and maintenance. The budget starter kit small battery and uses a throw-away tank system (clearomizer) which has a life time of about 2-3 weeks (this is totally dependant on use) you simply replace the clearomizer when the time is right.
The slightly bigger (battery) kits use a coil system (or atomiser) this too requires replacement about 2-3 weeks (this is totally dependant on use) the difference is you only throw away the atomiser (these units tend to be filled from the bottom)