The company agrees not to pass on the personal details of any customer without the prior permission of the customer, except in such circumstances where the company is compelled by order of a court.

The company retains the information provided by the customer at the time of ordering, in order to fulfil that order. The only people to have access to that information are those members of staff authorized to process the order.

Once the dispatch of the order is complete, the information is stored by the company. However, it is only accessed for accounting purposes and in the event of the customer themselves querying the order.

The customer information is stored on computer and accessed only by means of a password protected system. The information is periodically deleted by the company, once they are satisfied that no issue will arise out of the order or supply of the goods.

The customer’s payment information is mana‎ged by payment gateway and the company has‎ no access to it.

The company does use cookies on its website for analytics’s and to improve user experience.