E Cigarette Starter Kit Ego II 2200 mAh -with liquid

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This is the best electronic cigarette kit to purchase when you have decided to quit smoking. A study in Addiction Journal found that smokers who do not seek professional advice are roughly 60% more likely to quit if using an e-cigarette than willpower alone or nicotine patches or gum.

A tank system is very easy to use. Unscrew the base on the clearomizer. Then using the specially designed nozzle on our bottles, fill the clearomizer with e liquid. Replace the Base and secure the clearomizer to the battery. Finally,after allowing the liquid to soak in, place the mouth piece in your mouth and press the button on the battery as you begin to inhale. You are now vaping!

The Kit Contains a GS-hps dual Clearomiser, USB charger and a 2200 mAh EGO ii battery (CE Marked).

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