About E-Cigarettes

What Is An E-Cig?

“As close to a real cigarette as you will find”.

Our electric cigarettes provide a realistic smoking experience without the smoke!

Imagine being able to have the full satisfaction of smoking without many of the unpleasant drawbacks associated with a real cigarette. Instead of burning, electronic cigarettes provide you with the nicotine as a vapour formed by heating a flavoured liquid* using an electronic battery. This means you get the physical sensation of a real smoke but without the smelly fumes or stale tobacco odours.

ECiggy UK and our electronic cigarettes (e-cigs)

“As close to a real cigarette as you will find”.

Imagine being able to experience the full satisfaction of a traditional cigarette without the unpleasant drawbacks associated with it. The good news is that our electronic cigarettes now provide that realistic alternative to smoking.
Instead of burning tobacco, electronic cigarettes provide you with nicotine as a vapour, created by heating a flavoured liquid with an electronic battery; this gives ‘vaping’ its name, in contrast to ‘smoking’. You experience the physical sensation of smoking without the actual smoke; no unpleasant fumes and no lingering, stale tobacco odour.
In addition, e-cigarettes do not contain tar and the numerous toxins that are released by the smoke from tobacco products.
A further, significant incentive for the use of e-cigs is their relative low cost. The current price of a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes is £8-10 in the shops; for less than £9 you can purchase a pack of e-cig refills that represent the equivalent of up to 200 traditional cigarettes. The use of e-liquid can work out even cheaper!
Elsewhere on the site we explain all you need to know about the technical bits of ‘vaping’ (cartos, clearos and the like). Please take your time to browse and contact us with any questions. Don’t be afraid to ask because we were asking the same questions before our conversion to e-cigs.

Reasons to use e-cigs, rather than tobacco
• Great taste
• No smoke, just vapour
• No tar
• Huge savings